Monday, July 25, 2011

Roadtrip? Really? This is dragging out.

I despise blogger.
The picture poster seems to be up and running. But this is its last chance.

Alrighty, back to Friday, we went to the cute little park in Tyronne and rode horses at Seth's house.

Caleb driving:)

My little Cowboy...

The happy couple! We donated the boys' sports pillow to Norman since he peed all over it in the car.

Early Saturday morning all of us loaded up and drove 2 1/2 hours to Hershey...home of the chocolate factory and Hershey Park.
Not too many pics here because of the craziness. Eli walks in and looks up, he immediately wants to ride the tallest rides at the park. Seth and I got our roller coaster fix and mom and Robin who aren't coaster fans got to babysit the baby girls.
Meeting Mr. Reese's

On the chocolate factory tour...loved it!

Hershey park is HUGE it has a mini zoo, the chocolate factory, the amusement park, and an enormous water park (with absolutely freezing cold water). It was a fun day for all. We left around 10 that night and headed for Amish Country.
I'm gonna skip over the scariest night ever in the roachiest of roach motels. The cold water didn't work in my room:\. Strange. Showers were interesting. I was scared to touch the carpet with my bare feet. And I don't want to talk about the visible stain on the mattress. I was happy to leave the next morning and drive to Intercourse. Yes, that is the bizarre name of a large Amish town in PA. Someone didn't think that through. The town right next to it is called, Bird in Hand. THAT sounds like an Amish town.
Enter "Kink in plan #2": We visited an Amish town on Sunday. Not much open. But we did see all of the Amish coming and going from church. We also go to see their homes and absolutely beautiful gardens and farms!

A silo! I want one.

Amish parking.

One thing I noticed in Intercourse and all throughout PA is that the houses and barns are VERY close to the road. If you are hitting the shoulder you are likely going through a barn.

The last leg of our trip was Gettysburg. I was super excited about Gettysburg! We did the movie, museum, cyclorama, cemetery, and auto tour (sort of). I loved the Cyclorama. It was my first time even hearing about it. It is an ENORMOUS circular painting done by a French artist in 1883. The way it is done it looks 3D. The boys asked me more than once if it was looks like you are there in the battle. My other favorite thing was watching the kids take musket loading lessons. Eli got it in the head by Randee's musket a couple of times.

Caleb and Reece in Charleston.

The Cemetery.

Well, wouldn't you know it. The picture loader is no longer working. I know you are probably thankful:)
The trip is almost over anyway. The auto tour was a blur (literally). My brother drives right at 20mph over the speed limit no matter where he is, where he's going, or what the terrain and/or road conditions call for.
After that, we headed home. Surprisingly...we stayed on major roads the whole way! It was a great trip! The only thing that would have made it greater is if Jordan could have come:) We were ready to see him.

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