Monday, August 1, 2011

A Super-productive weekend!

We had quite the weekend here in far as never ending home improvement projects go! My sister has a good friend in New Orleans that is an AmAzInG artist. My sis is all about murals and wanted Kelly to paint a shark scene in Caleb's room. Don't forget Caleb is a shark-aholic and has been obsessed with them since birth. He was beside himself and HE got to pick which sharks he wanted on his wall. He wanted a Mako and a Tiger shark. He also wanted a jellyfish.
This is what it started like...a boring brown wall.

Drawing it out!

Kelly at work!

The Shark Room! They look VERY real!!!

On Saturday we went to Canton, Tx to see my mom and mother in law (who drove in from Austin).We were on a mission to find old, blue mason jars for Leslie's wedding. It was also time to pick up my tv thing that I had made for my living room.:)
While there, I stumbled upon these guys that were 1/2 off! They look GREAT in the new kitchen!

I got my TV thing. Alrighty, this house had a giant alcove where you HAD to have something huge. So mom recommended her friend Mike that has a store in Canton. I did the measurements, sent him a pic of the alcove, and another pic of some of my furniture and he did this!

I love it! I had several mini panic attacks on the way home worried that it wouldn't fit. I'm not known for my tape measure skills and Eli was in charge of holding the other end of the tape measure. It fits perfect though!
Next thing on the list, paint the mantle. That may come right after "get classroom ready". School starts in 2 weeks:\

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